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Having Fun with Cheap, Easy Nail Art

Learning nail art

I’ve been having fun learning to do my nail art. I’ve found lots of tutorials on youtube. You know, it’s really a great source of information for all sorts of beauty purposes. I’ve learned hair styles, makeup tips -you name it!

The ladies that put out the really good nail art tutorials always manage to do some really fabulous looking nails. I’m not quite there yet, but I find it is fun. I thought it would be more expensive than it is, but it’s actually very affordable. Amazon has an amazing selection of tools and accessories that are really inexpensive.

After my first attempt at dots, I became aware that I really should invest in a few tools.

This is my favorite purchase- I love everything about it except it did take a couple of weeks to arrive. I can get a lot of looks with just this $2.11 (Shipped!) set:

Here’s the tutorial I did my best to go by. If I’d been smarter I would have done my nails as I watched it, but instead I watched it hours before I decided to give it a try from memory. Though I didn’t exactly achieve this look, I’m still pretty pleased with how my nails ended up, and it was fun to do.

Remember when nails were always either plain, “French Tipped” or just colored? I love that people are getting so creative with hair and nails. It’s so much fun.

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