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Free Blockbuster Express Movies


There are MORE Free Blockbuster Express codes out. I think Blockbuster Express must REALLY want to pick up all the Netflix customers that are angry about recent price increases.

These multiple use codes each good for one free night’s rental at Blockbuster Express kiosks until 07-29-11 at midnight. You can use them once per credit card.

Code: 76KBDJ2
Code: 59NCRP8
Code: 88SVEM8
Code: 36MMMT9
Code: 83RBPW2
Code: 54JDAB9
Code: 95TGAF3
Code: 94BCRD6


Free Movies from Blockbuster Express Through July 22

Who doesn’t like a free movie? These codes are good at Blockbuster Express locations (that is the kiosks) by July 22, 2011. Each one can be used once per credit card:

We don’t have a close enough kiosk to us yet to really make this useful for our family, but they are all over the place now, and they are adding more all the time. They’ve been very popular.

You can find a kiosk here: Click here for locations.

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