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Taste of Beirut: 175+ Delicious Lebanese Recipes … A Cookbook Review

Taste of Beirut: 175+ Delicious Lebanese Recipes from Classics to Contemporary to Mezzes and More

by Joumana Accad

I chose this book because I have often heard that Lebanese food is some of the best in the world. It’s an area which has had contact with multiple cultures for thousands of years, and that influence has honed the spices and cooking techniques a great deal.

I was delighted that I learned something useful in the first few pages! I often find myself cooking or sweating onions at the start of each meal, but the author recommended doing many in advance, and storing them in the oil. This is already saving me time on a weekly basis. Indeed, the food storage and preservation tips were all quite new to me, and quite useful. There’s also a detailed explanation of ingredients that are unique to this cuisine such as sumac, bulgur types, fava beans, and other staples.

The book builds on itself, so that the first chapters introduce basic spice mixtures and condiments that later are used in other dishes. For instance, there’s a delightful recipe for yogurt cheese early on, that is later used in sandwich recipes as a spread. Delicious falafel is also covered in detail, with tips on getting just the perfect texture.

The book also contains a lot of full color, gorgeous photos. I’m going to pick up a hard copy of this cookbook soon; I like enough to want to own a hard copy for my cookbook collection. It’s one of the better, more interesting cookbooks I’ve read lately, with several recipes and techniques that I’ve already adopted. I do highly recommend this one. Most of the ingredients are quite easy to find, and many of the recipes are quite inexpensive to make, but full of taste and freshness.

5 out of 5 stars

Disclosure: I was provided an unfinished electronic galley copy for purposes of review via the publisher. This post does contain an affiliate link, however, Amazon has helped me arrange my account so that my payout can never be reached. I like the affiliate tools for the convenience only, it is never my intention to profit from my reviews of any item.

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