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Gold Ripoffs In Rome

I had my husband take a gold item in to see what a few local ‘gold’ shops would give for it.

I gave him strict instructions not to sell it unless they offered a fair price, which I gave him.

2 local shops offered  65.00.   That’s about $10/gram for 14k.  That’s a rip off.

I don’t MIND leaving $ for someone else to make, but gold is valued TODAY around 27.40/gram for 14k.  That’s DOWN since last week when it was $29.00.  Ebay scrap dealers will give you MUCH closer to the actual value.

There’s a reason these “Sell Your Gold” places are popping up left and right.  They are robbing people who don’t even know any better.

I have consistently done better selling my gold on eBay, even with their cut.    I’ll save tips for determining a fair price and for how to list gold on eBay safely for another post.

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