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Sunday Night Free Stuff Roundup

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It’s time for another ‘Free Stuff Roundup.’ Hope everyone’s had a great weekend! 🙂

  1. At Walmart, you can get FREE panty liners or, if you’d rather, 1.00 off store brand larger pads.
    Print here to get the coupon. You should be able to use this link twice per computer.
  2. On the side of this page is a link to SAVINGS STAR. Go there, and get your offer for FREE KROGER GUM PICKS. SELECT Markets ONLY.
  3. If you shop at Kroger, go log in now, go to DIGITAL COUPONS, sort by RECENT, and you will see a free strip of Platinum Yeast. I’ve tried this, it is very good yeast. It activates quickly for those times you might be a bit hurried. Now, I generally advise people to buy yeast in larger quantities, as that’s the cheapest way to buy it. I have the larger bags listed in the Frugal store, and they are much bigger and about the same price as a jar in the grocery store. However, you can’t beat free.
    Here’s the link to Kroger.
  4. Get 50 free points at My Points.com. Search on K-Mart. (Sunday night only.) Click the banner with the autumn leaf, and you’ll get 50 free points! I’ve belonged to mypoints for a few years now. I get a gift card from them every month or two. They are totally legit!

  5. Free Subscription to US Weekly Magazine. There’s a very short survey- it’s very easy, then just enter your address and get your free subscription. It’s great entertainment news! The magazines come from Rewards Gold, my favorite place to get magazines, because they never spam or send bills.
    Go HERE to get your free subscription to US Magazine.

  6. 30 day free trial to Amazon Prime! For 30 days, you get unlimited free streaming of movies and videos, as well as 2 day free shipping! It’s very easy to cancel if you don’t want to continue, just sign in to Amazon, click on MY ACCOUNT, then cancel from there. You don’t have to call anyone and there’s no hassle at all. Click below to get started now! Another thing I like is the Kindle Owners Lending Library. If you have a Kindle Fire, you get to borrow 1 free book a month, and they often have best sellers. I read the entire Hunger Games series this way!

Well, that’s all I see tonight. I’ll keep you posted if I see some more good ones!

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