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Several Free Magazine Subscription Offers

August 17, 2011

There’s Popular Science, Outdoor Life, Ski, and possibly more free magazine subscriptions at ValueMags.

I have received several free subscriptions from them – they are dependable and don’t spam you. Fill out the form with your subscription info. There will be about 3 pages of offers that you can consider – it is FINE to say NO to all of them. For instance, Popular Science is one I jumped at, and it took me 3 pages of offers to click no to, but then it gave me my confirmation screen.

Again, here’s the link, CLICK HERE.

Sometimes these magazines take 6 weeks or so to start coming, but sometimes they come right away and you might get 2-3 issues at once. They’re free, what can I say? I love free!

Here’s a tip – “This year” magazines sell very well here at the Salvation Army store. Locally they sell them for a quarter to fifty cents each – so I keep mine nice and donate them as soon as I am done. Some libraries like to get them as well if they have book sales to support the library.

The young teen next door is a big fan of Popular Science, so I got this so I could pass them on to him. He was telling me just a few days ago how much he liked to read Popular Science and Discover. 🙂 I’ll be able to supply him with both! Happy Dance!

Free Subscription to Martha Stewart Living

8 August 2011
SUPPLIES WILL BE LIMITED and this could end at any time!

My friend Sas always calls me Martha, because I like to cook and garden. I wish I had ol’ Martha’s money.

Here’s a year’s subscription to Martha Stewart Living from Reward’s Gold. I’ve got many subscriptions from them over the years with never any bill.

Just click here.

If it is still available, you’ll get a form to fill out. If not, it will perhaps offer you another magazine, or say it is expired.

Free Magazines and Free Bowling

I’ve got a few goodies for you guys today.
It’s been a long day and I’ve been quite busy with various nagging projects that needed to be done.
My homemade pickles must be a huge hit, because I woke up to find 3 empty pickle jars on the counter where Sage and the neighbor’s kids had a pickle binge. Even the juice was gone!

Ok, here’s what I’ve dug up today –

There’s 4 free magazine subscriptions available through Rewards Gold. I have used this service SEVERAL times and my magazines always come without a bill or a hassle. Sometimes I have to take a little survey to get the subscription but it’s always short and easy.

Forbes, Maxim, Bloomberg’s Business Week, and Barron’s are available today.
Here’s the link: Rewards Gold Magazine Offers

Also, there’s a free bowling opportunity on August 6, 2011. They are trying to break the world’s record and are giving out free passes.

To get in on that deal, go here: Go Bowling! Free Bowling Aug. 6, 2011.

Have fun! Leaving you with a sunflower from my garden. What’s so cool about it? It was grown in a concrete block. 🙂

Lots of Free Magazine Subscriptions Available

RecycleBank is a web service that let’s you do little activities and recycle items if you are in select areas for points. Anyone can do the activities though, and they are quite easy and don’t take a lot of time. I’ve been a member for a couple of months now.

You then can trade your points for coupons, discounts, magazine subscriptions, or save them for gift cards.

Right now the following magazines are available:
For 115 points, you can choose a one year subscription to:

Good Housekeeping,
Everyday Food,
Marie Claire,
Whole Living,
Town & Country, and a few more.
Martha Stewart Living is available for 230 points.

First, sign up for an account, here: Recycle Bank Signup

Then, go to Earn Points. They are easy – it’s very short little videos and animations, and occasionally a 3 or 4 answer quiz. They are fairly self explanatory. It isn’t a spammy site. It’s a very easy, straightforward site with occasionally good contests. I won the “Green Your Home” photo contest not long ago. They’ve been very nice to deal with.

There’s probably at least 50 points available right now. Usually I can easily earn 200 points every week or two, and I’ve learned a bit about recycling in the process. I’ve used a lot of my free points for cat food, soda and Honest Tea coupons.

Free Subscription to Travel and Leisure Magazine

Travel And Leisure Magazine

June 24, 2011
This is a time limited offer and supplies may run out!

Click here for Free Subscription

This subscription is through FreeBigmag.com. I have received a lot of these free subscriptions through this company and never had a problem. If you don’t accept the other free magazines they offer, I find you cut your questionnaire shorter.