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Questions I See, Mainly about EBT

Wow, I’m quite the poet with this title!

I constantly see searches in my logs for certain information. I thought I’d post and answer yesterday’s questions as best I can. Most of them deal with EBT/SNAP/Food Stamps, and I’m far from an expert, but the questions are pretty basic.

Who Do I turn food stamps into cash? (Ok, I have to laugh. I think they mean ‘HOW DO I?’ but I consistently see ‘Who do I’ in my logs. 🙂 I’ve covered that in:THIS ARTICLE.

What labels can I save to get free stuff? I know of a few:

Also, watch box labels for seasonal or time limited programs too, they can be a great way to score free movie tickets in particular.

Can I apply my food stamp order to coupon for non-food item? I have seen stores that do this! A lot just depends on their polices and how the cash registers ring up the totals. For instance, if you have any overage on the food, in some places, it will be applied to the non-food items. You always have to pay taxes on coupon value though.

What non food items can you buy with food stamps? Food stamps are for food. You can use them to buy seeds and plants that produce food. In some states, you can buy certain canning supplies. Always ask first if you need to -even in places that allow it, some stores don’t have their computers right to accept them on these things.

Some people get confused by seeing people use EBT cards in some places to buy non-food items. In some areas, child support and domestic payments are collected from the former spouse and put on the EBT cards. So while you are seeing an EBT card being used, these are not food stamp funds.

Can you freeze beans and rice? Yes you can! See my post here.

Does CVS accept EBT? Yes they do! It’s listed on their website. Sometimes they have good prices on food, with specials, and that is a great way to convert food stamps into extra bucks, to help you get toothpaste, tampons, or other nonfood, needed items. You can not use Extra Care bucks to buy alcohol or cigarettes.

I’ve also noticed that my local Rite-Aid takes them. If in doubt, look at the swipe pad by the register, usually there is a sticker on it. You can also check the store websites or ask a clerk.

Just to double check your particular area, you can also check the SNAP RETAILER LOCATOR HERE: http://www.snapretailerlocator.com/

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