The Yard Crew

We live on a bit over one acre. We have 10 cats, 3 hens, a bin of worms, a peacock that’s decided to live here on its own, and various frogs, deer, squirrels, and turtles that often come to visit.


This is Foxxxy

This is our little Foxxxy, our oldest kitty.  When I say little, I mean, she is LITTLE.  She is well into her teens now, but only weighs about 4 pounds.  She’s kitten sized.  When she was little, her mom was killed by a hawk, and I got her when she was just days old, with her eyes barely opened.  I bottle fed her night and day, and wiped her little butt so she would poop.  I had never known that kittens that small could not poop or pee on their own.  They have to be stimulated by the mother’s licking.  Well, I wasn’t about to lick her butt- I draw the line on what I’ll do for my animals somewhere, but a wet old dishcloth did the trick.

Today, she is a strange mix of sweet and mean.  She’s very smart and will use the toilet on her own at times if the lid is left up.  She’s great with her paws.  We think she has some Mau in her, because she’s spotted on her sides and is very, very dexterous.  She’s quite temperamental though.  She cannot stand it when Chip sings.  She hates to be held although she loves – LOVES – to cuddle by laying on you or beside you.  She sleeps curled up between my chest and my neck and licks me all night long, but only after she gets her nightly ‘dough’ from Chip.  I have learned to keep my hand close to her at all times even in my sleep.  If I don’t, she might lick my face.   Having a cat lick your eyelids when you are sound asleep is NOT a good way to wake up.


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