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I’m Kristi, and I’ve been online longer since it began. This blog is a labor of love, not a provider of income. Though a bit is made off coupon prints, the blog does not generate a profit, and it really isn’t meant to. It’s simply my family’s way of offering a bit of our experience and sharing what we know with the world, to hopefully help anyone that we can.

I am a top reviewer on Amazon, and I a member of the Amazon Vine program. I’m also an RN, and I hold 10 technical certifications. I love to do product reviews and put a lot of time and effort into them. I never charge for reviews, and it is never my intention to profit off them. That’s why though I am an approved affiliate, and there are affiliate links on this site, I’ve had them set my payout to an exorbitant amount so that it’s impossible to meet. I believe in complete disclosure, so if I’ve received something free to try, I’ll always tell you.

I live with my husband and adult son. Back in the 2008 bust, we suddenly found ourselves living on about 15k a year. We pulled out all the stops on our resourcefulness, and learned to live simply, love plenty, and make the most of what we have, and would like to help others do the same. That year, was VERY low-income, and while we were coming to terms with having NO disposable income, we saw ourselves still doing better than many, so we started Wiresplice to share some of our strategies for living a good, happy life on a shoestring budget. It was about 4 years before he found solid, gainful employment again. Of course things are much, much better for us now.

Keep in mind, as you read this blog, that there may be a faster, easier way to do things, but we’re into natural ways, self-sufficiency, and frugality. So if you need to stretch your dollar – no matter how many you have (or don’t have), we want to help you do it! Just check our blog regularly for the latest updates.


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