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My Crafty Grandmother & the Police Lineup

Hermann Carl Eduard Biewend (daguerreotypist) [German, 1814 - 1888], My Helene, On her Lap Little Mathilda Asleep, and Close By, Our Two Other Children, Robert and Little Louise, German, June 22, 1851

I’m aging. I’m 46.
Today I saw my aunt, who was a second mom to me, and she’s looking very old these days.
My mom, grandmothers, great grand-mothers- all the mothers who have went before us, are now gone. These women had the good sense to see us kept alive and free so the generations continue.

My maternal grandmother was a force to be reckoned with. She was short, very fat, and smart as anyone could be, though uneducated. In her younger years, she was shapely, and had long, auburn hair, and she never cut it. I can remember in her 60’s, her hair was down to her tail. All her children grew up to be fine, productive members of society.

She had 9 children – 7 of them were boys, and they came, year after year, so that bless her soul, she always had a house full of young teens and men, and that often meant trouble living in a poor part of town.

She was beyond crafty. Dirt poor, she always managed to take care of her kids and grand-kids the best she could. She was caring for grand-kids before her own children were grown, and last I counted, there were 19 of them.

One day I remember one of the boys running in the house – I think it was Hugh, he stayed in trouble – saying “the cops are after me, the cops are after me!” She passed him $5 bucks and told him “Well, you better get on.” He ran out the back door and jumped the fence into the woods.

Soon the police came, looking for him. It was some little something he’d done. Hugh and the boys never did anything REALLY wrong against others, unless you consider catching harmless snakes and dumping them in a police car, really wrong. That might have been what they did that day, it was some stunt like that.

“Ora,” they said, they knew her by name. “Your son has done got caught and you gotta bring him up to the police station. We’ve got a witness that can identify him.”

My grandmother never got up – her door had been as wide open as it always was. “Oh Yes-Sir, I’ll get my boy right up there. I’ll have him up there tonight in just a bit; you have my word.”

So my grandmother rounds up ALL her boys, except her oldest – and she takes 6 of them to the police station, knowing they all look so similar that no one could pick one from another easily.

And that’s exactly what happened. The cops told her “Ora, why’d you bring them ALL up here for?”

“Sir, you said to bring my son. You never said which one.”

The witness couldn’t tell either, so there were no charges or arrest that day.

-The End. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

Social Media Contributed to Snowpocalypse; Even Birds were Surprised

DSC00742   People that know me might be surprised that I really don’t blame the politicians for the South’s snow disaster. That’s because usually I blame politicians for about everything, and in particular, I don’t care for Nathan Deal at all.

That said, it seems logical to me that if any one politician were really all that to blame, that there would at least be SOME areas that did not experience gridlock of any kind or accidents like crazy. I have not been made aware of any area in the swath of the storm that escaped. Therefore, either every one of the area politicians were equally incompetent, or what I think is closer to the truth, the snow storm came quickly, wasn’t that expected by anyone, and we just weren’t prepared because it is a pipe dream to think you can be prepared for everything all the time anyway.

I understand that in the North often people shut down in a staggered fashion to keep a big rush from happening.  That didn’t happen here and I’m not sure if it could have.  This is what I experienced:

A lot of people in the South are poor, getting poorer. NO ONE who is getting paid by the hour – and that’s most of us – want to miss work for any reason, especially in this crazy insane cold winter that has us all confused and paying heating bills out the ARSE.

We really were not expecting this. Of course I live WELL out of the projected path, being about halfway between Atlanta and Chattanooga. We were expecting MAYBE a dusting. We can handle a dusting usually. A dusting comes down and looks white but doesn’t really affect the roads.

What we GOT was a sudden, large downfall – it was pouring snow out of the sky. THAT is not usual for Georgia. When it has happened, it’s happened at night and we wake up to it.  To most Southern mindsets, snow MELTS in the middle of the day around lunch, it doesn’t FALL.

SO EVERYONE -it seems- hops on SOCIAL MEDIA or email or texts their loved ones pretty much at once – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – “It’s getting bad – better get home!” Not long after, pictures of cars that have slid off the roads come in. People quit waiting on bosses to call it so they felt their jobs were safe- and just left. Word spread really fast – even to people who had not walked outside to see the mess.  A few times we got “all circuits are busy” messages on our cell phone.

The Floyd County BOE though – I will blame them a wee bit. They like to keep the kids past 1 so they don’t have to make up the day. I don’t know if they really care or not about the kids making up the day or not, but they probably would prefer that the teachers don’t, and that the schools don’t have to run an extra day. I’ve always been told that time is 1pm. That’s the time they choose to let kids out. That’s why kids got stuck.

So a lot of parents tried to wait it out til 1pm so they could leave and get their kids.

It all happened so fast. My own husband knew there were wrecks and the roads were bad by 11:00am. By 11:47 I was begging him to go ahead and get home, but he wanted to wait until after 12 so he’d have that extra hour’s pay in.  His drive normally takes 20 minutes. After an hour trying to get to town, he slid when he got to town, but luckily landed in an empty parking lot. Usually it isn’t like that – normally it’s the out roads that are the problem, and once you get to town, the roads will be dry from traffic – but they weren’t – they were solid ICE.

People could not get up the many hills on our roads. They call Rome the City of 7 hills but really the whole thing is set into the foothills of the Appalachians. This rolling terrain with long inclines continues all the way down past Marietta into Atlanta, before the state’s piedmont area starts, which is a lot more flat. People were sliding backwards on the hills. That’s when my husband left his truck in a parking lot and went on foot.

On his way home he passed a hospital van that had went out to pick up employees that had said they could not get into work.  (Having worked in  hospitals, I know that there’s a panic that no one will get to go home, and that people just don’t want to come in and chance getting stuck there for days.) Well, the hospital van was in the ditch with the people it picked up. He passed a man from Ohio with a truck in the ditch. There was a several car pile up at the bottom of the next hill.

He walked 5.5 miles in 16 degree weather on snow covered ice. I was glad that Ace Hardware let him come in, get warm, drink some coffee and buy some gloves. I was terrified for all the people who did not dress for the weather. Keep in mind, we still have shorts and tank tops out, and expect to wear them this weekend! Women, in particular, often wear dress shoes with no socks and very little protection from the cold. There’s old people and people who have various problems and are out of shape that maybe could not do it. He made it ok – he’s in great physical condition so he’s just a bit sore today.

So yes, people in the South were caught unaware. We’re all a bit to blame for that. We’ve had winters before and snow before. Usually we have the sense to shut down in advance. That doesn’t mean I think we’re stupid for NOT sensing it.

I didn’t even see the snow clouds I normally see before it snows. It even seems to have taken the birds by surprise. I saw some birds under bushes that never get under bushes. My chickens didn’t even go to their coop- they got trapped in this shaded area with a dust bath we made for them. We had to PICK THEM UP and carry them to proper shelter. They were standing there like “WHAT THE HELL???” It’s just hard to IMAGINE that we might have a crippling snow when the 7 day forecast is filled with sunshine and 70 degrees on the weekend and the weather people are saying we can get out our flip-flops this weekend.  The weather is enough to make anyone crazy this year. It’s schizophrenic.

But social media is very fast, and very efficient at alerting people of danger. If it had not been, a lot of people would never have even TRIED to come home, because they would have been stuck at work.

Kroger High Value Daily Coupons are Back!

I love shopping at my Kroger in Rome, GA. They are SO coupon friendly. That really matters to me, because I use a LOT of coupons. I’m not the extreme couponer with 3 carts, but it is not unusual for my bill to be paid for with at least 100.00 coming off from coupons.

They have this special deal they run every now and then that I really like. You simply sign in every day and you get the high value coupon for the day.

Well, it’s going again, and today it is a $1.50 Oscar Mayer coupon.

So if you shop at Kroger, check every day until 4/28 to see what they offer. The last time they offered this promotion, I was able to get dirt cheap Tide, free sandwich meat, and several other things for substantial savings.

Start at this link: Kroger Cart Buster Coupon Event. The coupons will be digital and will load to your Kroger card.

2 Adult Movie Tickets for $12

Oh! I am so wanting to go see Puss N Boots, but even more than that, I can’t wait to go see Breaking Dawn. Yes, I am one of those not so cool fans of sparkly vampires!

I’m glad to be able to offer a link so you can get 2 adult tickets for $12.00!

This is an offer you can’t refuse! $12 For 2 Adult Movie Tickets From ($24 Value)

I think that is a great deal on movie tickets – especially if you live in an area where admissions are high and there are few discount theaters – like MINE. Gosh, the last time I went to a movie with my son, it was nearly $20.00, and that was just the tickets! Yes, we can save some by going to matinees, but he really likes to go at night. Still, matinees are about $7.50 each here now. How much is a ticket where you are?

Now’s the Time to Stock up on Bell Peppers

This last week I’ve been busy filling my freezer with bell peppers. It seems a lot of the dishes I like best have bell peppers in them – Italian, Curries, Mexican – like fajitas, and Cajun. Yes, I like spicy food!

I get so tired of paying over $1.00 each for bell peppers, and who can afford a red bell pepper for $2.59? That’s how high I saw them last winter. The local farmer’s markets recently had a lot of bell peppers 2/$1, and the beautiful colored peppers 3/$2. I grabbed a bunch. Kroger in the Southeast has them for .59 cents each now as well, if you don’t have access to a farmer’s market or need to be able to pay with food stamps.

They are actually very easy to store and freeze, and I find it not only more economical, but also a good time saver. It’s so nice to just be able to reach in and get what I need, pre-cut, and ready! That’s why I cut my peppers in a variety of shapes. Some I dice, some I cut in long strips, and others I cut in bigger square chunks.

Select large, unblemished peppers at the lowest price you can find. Late September, early October is a great time to buy them.

First wash the peppers:

Then pat them dry with a paper towel and cut them in shapes that you cook with.
Lay them in a single layer in a shallow pan or on a cooking sheet. I use wax paper to line mine.

Then simply place in the freezer for an hour or two. Take them out, and place them in a resealable container. I use the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids.

That’s really all there is to it. Now when you’re ready to cook, just open your container and take what you need. Freezing them this way keeps them all separate so they don’t clump up.

They taste great in cooked food and are a real timesaver. Over the winter, we’ll save a lot by having a good supply of bell peppers in the freezer, so we don’t have to pay twice or more when we need one. The only exception is when fresh peppers are needed, but for us, that’s pretty rare.

Onions can be frozen the same way. There are other ways of storing onions, so for me the main benefit of freezing them is to save time in food prep, or for saving onions that are leftover, for instance, when a recipe calls for half an onion. IF I don’t think I’ll use the other half soon, I go might go ahead and cut the whole thing, then freeze half of it.

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