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$10.00 Free Amazon Gift Card, Redbox Codes & More

REDBOXTonight I found a great deal online I want to share. AOL has started a service that bundles together popular web deals and then charges a discount price for them. The neat thing is – it’s free for ONE month! Translation – free $10 Amazon, Redbox, Pandora, I-Tunes, and maybe more!

They also have some pre-bundled services or you can make your own. I got a pre-bundled service, because it included a lot of things I like, such as a Pandora Subscription, Redbox movie and game codes, and it comes with a $10 Amazon Gift code for $15 a month – again- FREE for your first month.

You do have to submit a credit card. I love winning pre-paid Visas and Mastercards to use for deals like this. However, I suspect I will keep this one, because we usually spend more than 15.00 between Amazon and Redbox anyway.

However, site reviews are generally saying that canceling isn’t hard, and some people that cancel are reporting getting a survey for why they canceled with a 25.00 gift code as a thank you. That’s not everyone, but appears to be a random sampling.

Here’s the site:

Check out their bundles or make your own. I personally found the pre-bundled items to be a better value. Note that a few of the things expire after a month, such as the 10.00 Fandango gift cards – those seem to have a expiration date. So read the details. That’s a Fandango deal killer for me, because I would rather save up 2 months so I wouldn’t have to go to the movies alone. The Amazon codes though – the one I got went RIGHT to gift card balance. Of course I am buying more and more at Amazon lately so I rarely have a gift code last more than a day, lol. There’s also computer security products, ID protection products, and other things to choose from.

There doesn’t seem to be any affiliate bonus at this time – it’s a shame, my friends and I could have had fun with that!

Remember to cancel after you get your goodies if you don’t think continuing with the subscription will save you money. Also, be a bit leary of those magazine offers – most of the magazines can be had for free if you follow this site regularly!

Saturday Freebies & Finds Roundup

It’s early Saturday Morning, and here are some Freebies and Finds. Remember, supplies of some of these ARE limited. They are all live and active when I post them. I am very picky about my finds and deals. Wiresplice is a labor of love primarily for low-income people, so I try to make a judgement on what to include that I think can be of some practical value or bring a bit of joy. I do my best NOT to include a lot of coupons or finds that might encourage frivolous spending, and the sweepstakes that I add in these posts should have good odds and practical prizes.

  1. Redkin Curvaceous Kit – Shampoo, Conditioner, and Reactivator Spray trial samples, for curly headed girls.
  2. Got Pets? Purina is giving away 25,000 $3.00 coupons. These are GREAT when you can find a drug store deal to match. Plus, it’s a really cute and easy sweepstakes to play, with great odds if you play daily.
  3. How about a free 1 year subscription to Latina? This magazine always has some good coupons in it.
  4. There’s also a free 20 issue subscription to JET magazine here.
  5. Print out a shopping pass for 20% off at Big Lots for Sunday. They already have low prices. Last year I picked up some gardening items super cheap this time of year.
  6. 40% off printable at Michael’s. Oh my, there’s some Halloween Decorations calling my name…but I also like to buy bakeware and garden pots with these coupons. All my big terra-cotta pots that I grow peppers in were bought with them – with the coupons the prices are much lower on those than at Wal-Mart or anywhere else I’ve found.
  7. 40% off Printable Coupon at Hobby Lobby.
  8. Play the Cacique Spin to Win game. Why? Great odds! I’ve won maybe 30 free yogurts, but also..the coupon prizes are good too! Kroger sells the Quesadilla Cheese for 2.49-2.98 at Kroger. (Depending on if it is on sale or not.) It is great. The 1.00 off coupons are great to win. I use it grated in grilled cheeses, quesadillas, and mushroom and cheese omelets-anything I might use Monterrey Jack for. Wal-Mart also sells it.
  9. Ms. Dash Sweepstakes – Easy to play, and lots of free samples to win.
  10. Text the keyword SAINTS to 727272 & get a free Redbox code for a video game rental. The code is good until October 7th!
  11. Try to win Free Milk. Odds are pretty good – I’ve won twice. It comes as a coupon good for $4.00 off that you print out.
  12. Free Redbox Video Rental Code – Good for 1 day’s movie rental. MCPC413S – Good until October 23, 2013.
  13. There’s also a sample of Free Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner to be had.
  14. There’s 3 Atkins Bars and Starter kits up for grabs. There’s no obligation or purchase requirement to get these.
  15. Free Android Application – it’s the puzzle game Azkend. Free today, Saturday only.

  16. There’s a BOGO coupon for Baskin Robbins Cones. Gosh I wish I had one closer to home….love the double chocolate!
  17. $15 off Amazon Coupon makes for a lot of free or low-cost software right now. Enter promotional code MACR0913. This is good for digital downloads of this software – check the prices, they update frequently and may change from what I list. This is what it is currently. I am not sure how long this promo code will last, but it is live at this time.

    Here are a few very low-cost or free titles to be had:
    Free- Corel PhotoPro for PC

    free- Crayla Art Studio

    free-Typing Quick and Easy

    $5 after promo Norton Antivirus
    This is for 3 computers!

    $.62 after promo Typing Instructor For Kids Platinum Edition

That’s it for this edition. I wish you all the brightest blessings for a comfortable life and a happy family. 🙂

Tweet and Get $5 Amazon Video Credit

Time Limited – Offer good until September 2, 2011, at 11:59 PM PST

1. Sign into your Amazon Account

2.Go here: Amazon Tweet to Get Amazon Credit

3. Authorize the Amazon App to Tweet for you, and connect you to follow Amazon’s video on demand tweets, and send the tweet. Your credit will be applied to your account

Good for Video on Demand purchases.

I found this deal on which is one of my favorite deal sites.

Free Blockbuster Express Movie Codes

These codes are good until August 29, 2011 and are good for one night’s rentals on the $1.00 movies.


Free Movies with Blockbuster Express

There are some more free Blockbuster Express codes out. These are good until August 12, 2011 for one free night’s rental each. Brand new releases are usually excluded from these deals. These are multiple use codes and can be used once per card.

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