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Freebies Round-up & Fun stuff

Chick's Candy Store, Pitt Street, New York by Walter Rosemblum 1938

A 1938 Photo by Walter Rosenblum “Chick’s Candy Store.” It was taken on Pitt St., In NYC, NY.

Free Nivea lotion samples

Recipe! Homemade Taco Seasoning

Nutrish for cats catfood sample

Replens Vaginal Moisturizer Sample

International Coffee- Win a tumbler

Suave Natural Infusions Sample (I like the way this smells – it’s the best Suave yet, in my opinion.)

Free 1 year Martha Stewart Living Magazine Subscription

Free 26 weeks Wall Street Journal (Free coupons on Saturday)

Free 1 year Golf Digest

Various Turkey Hill Coupons – Tea & Ice Cream

Proctor and Gamble Sample Box – sign up for several free samples once per quarter

Free Neti pot

Enter to Win a Diamond Candles $100 Giveway

Free Beginner’s Photoshop Class from Adobe

From HGTV, a new Youtube Channel, Homemade All sorts of misc. content for DYI.

Tuesday, May 20,2014 -Class Actions, Freebies, Fun and Helpful Deals

I thought it was about time to do another roundup. They take me a while, and I always try to include some goodies maybe no one else has come across. I’m rather picky – everything I list is generally free or should benefit the low-income families. Many deals are time limited- when they are over or out, they are out, so if you want them, act quickly.

Here goes!

  • Closes – 6/16/14 Trader Joe’s Class Action

    Joe-Joe’s Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies ($2.70)
    Joe-Joe’s Chocolate Sandwich Crème Cookies ($2.70)
    Trader Joe’s Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls ($3.99)
    Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Biscuits ($2.93)
    Trader Giotto’s 100% Natural Fat Free Ricotta Cheese ($3.62)
    Trader Joe’s Fresh Pressed Apple Juice ($2.79)
    No proof of purchase needed for up to 10 products. Class Members who provide proof of purchase can receive compensation for more than 10 total purchases of these products.

  • Closes – 7/14/2014 Link to File Form for Hydroxycut Class ActionIf you purchased certain Hydroxycut products between July 20, 2008 and March 19, 2014, you could be eligible for a full refund. Purchase receipts not required for up to 2 bottles.
  • Dove Shampoo and Conditioner – from the Walmart Site- watch the video, then get the sample
    Dove Shampoo & Conditioner Samples
  • Need to donate stuff? Print out a free shipping label for your donation box – Get it out of your house free of cost!
    GiveBack Box
    There’s a video you can watch to learn more. It goes to Goodwill.
  • Free 2 year subscription to Bridal Guide Free Sub to Bridal Guide
  • 1 Year’s Weight Watchers – From FreebizMagazines – Free Weight Watchers Magazine- 1 year (I find if I don’t ask for any trade magazines in addition to the freeby, I don’t get as many questions to fill out in order to qualify.) Most people do qualify on their site- and they don’t spam you. The magazines do come. They try to target professionals with the free trade magazines.
  • Free Nutrich for Cats Sample (Rachel Ray Catfood) Facebook – Nutrish for Cats Sample
  • Link offsite to tons of free Kindle BooksHundred Zeros (Word of advice- Always, always, ALWAYS – double-check the price on any ads you see for free Kindle books. People aren’t trying to trick you – it’s just the Amazon price system updates all through the day. Typically free book promotions go from 1-3 days, so depending on when it was started, it can stop just as quickly. IF you ever accidentally pay to buy one, contact Amazon immediately- they have great customer service and have reversed the charges and order for me.)

  • This one is IFFY – Welcome Kit for TEAM EAS – Join Team EAS
    Welcome Kit MAY include a free water bottle, EAS bag, samples of Lean 15 and Muscle Armor along with plenty of coupons. I signed up – worth a try and we do buy the bars.

Shop Amazon – $6 for Conde Nast Traveler All Access + Free Weekender Bag

Friday Freebies & Fun Stuff

Today’s Friday and I’ve got a few things for you:

  1. Click to Jump to Free Snickers
  2. Click to Jump to Free Protein Bar
  3. Click to Jump to Truffle Therapy Serum Sample
  4. Click to Jump to Bottle of Megared Krill Oil
  5. Click to Jump to Sample Murad Acne Clearing Solution
  6. Click to Jump to More Info on Saving Star

1. FREE SNICKERS at select retailers (CVS and Kroger, among others.
Friday Freebie: Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) SNICKERS® Bar or SNICKERS® Brand Peanut Butter Squared Bars (1.76 – 1.86 oz.)

(Another Saving Star deal I’m taking advantage of today is Purex.
Save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any Henkel® Laundry & Home Care products including all Purex®, Zout®, Soft Scrub® & Renuzit®

2. has a digital coupon for a FREE Premier Protein Bar!

3.    Truffle Therapy Serum Link to Sample Waiting List This is good stuff, kind of pricey – I thought it was worth getting on the waiting list for. A similar sample from them came in my February Birch Box. Seems like good stuff so far- it smells amazing.

4.   1st 10,000 – Free Bottle of Schiff MegaRed 100% Pure Omega 3 Krill Oil at 3pm EST TODAY

Dr. Oz is giving the first 10k people to sign up at 3PM EST a free bottle of MegaRed 100% Pure Omega 3 Krill Oil.
Link to 3pm Sign up

5. Murad (Facebook Sample) Free Sample of Murad Acne Clearing Solution

Info about Saving Star:

I love Saving Star. Once you get it set up, all you have to do is go to the site occasionally and activate coupons – there’s nothing to take to a store or do other than that. It usually takes them about 2 weeks to put the money in my account- it’s not that they are slow, it’s just they have to get the information from the stores. Once I have $5.00 I cash out and usually see the money the next day. I’ve cashed out several times now – it’s always nice to get that bit of kickback!)

Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork.. (Book Review)

Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork:The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering and Butchering
by Adam Danforth

This book is EXACTLY what you need if you have never butchered an animal before and are faced with that task. I had occasion to butcher several roosters in the past. I had been sold 5 roosters instead of the 5 hens that I had been advertised. When they grew up, it got very noisy around here! I thought about giving them away, but knew that they’d be either fought or butchered. I know that roosters ARE fought here, although I don’t think it is legal, and I didn’t want my roosters to end up in the ring. I also saw how the poultry are treated by a lot of people that eat them – I’ve seen many people pick them up by their wings, often breaking them -trying to judge their weight. I decided if my roosters were going to become food, it would be done at my own hand and humanely.

I was so lost – I read a lot of books and did a lot of research, but I didn’t find ANYTHING – book, video, or otherwise, as helpful as this book by Adam Danforth. Adam tells you everything you need to know. The book explains the composition and science of muscle, humane butchering, and processing the carcass. Well, you can find some of that elsewhere, even free, online, but what I couldn’t find was solid information on aging the meat, really practical, need to know things like how rigor mortis works, and ways to make processing more pleasant for you. (Because I found no pleasure in it at all! It was really nasty work, but if I’d had the information in this book, I could have greatly reduced that, and had more tender meat!)

The book is full of pictures and easy to understand directions, as well as more detailed and scientific rationales that will help you understand not just the HOW TO, but the WHY TO.

Well, to finish up my personal story, I just could not eat those chickens. I ended up giving them to a neighbor who traded me a quarter of a deer for them. We learned an important lesson too – we’ll never buy another chicken from anyone, even a nice retail establishment that should know better- unless they are old enough that we can visually sex ourselves.

Disclosure: Disclosure: I was provided a time limited e-copy for purposes of review via the publisher. This post does contain an affiliate link, however, Amazon has helped me arrange my account so that my payout can never be reached. I like the affiliate tools for the convenience only, it is never my intention to profit from my reviews of any item.

Free & Fun Stuff Humpday Roundup

Oh my gosh it’s almost Halloween! One of my cats saw my keyboard cord flopping around and suddenly I had a cat hanging just by a single paw with his claws on one hand stuck in my belly. OUCH.

How about some free and fun freebies and other valuable offers? (these re time limited, and may be expired if you read this much later than the posting date.)

  • There’s free Sheba Catfood, Tena products, and Loreal Paris Color Vibrancy samples over at the Walmart site. CLICK HERE.
  • This one IS NOT FREE, but if you like Starbucks, and have a good friend that will do this WITH YOU, you can each score $10 in Starbucks cards for $5 each. Details of the Starbuck’s Twitter offer is here. It is still live at 5am as I am writing this.
  • With the economy being like it is, who can’t use some free Astroglide? There’s a free sample here.
  • Free (or nearly free) Lindt chocolate makes my day. The big bars are $2.12 and 2.23 at my local Walmart. It’s been free at some of the drugstores too- it’s a great coupon if you get the bars. This coupon is for $2.00 off. Print 2!
    If for some reason it shows up as print limit reached, reopen it, unclip it, then clip it and try it again.
  • There’s a free year’s subscription to JET magazine HERE.
  • There’s a free subscription to W Magazine at Rewards Gold. There’s a simple little survey, it’s not long.
  • There’s a free subscription to Travel & Leisure at Reward’s Gold. Click here to take that little survey and get it.
  • There’s a free subscription to SELF MAGAZINE at Reward’s Gold as well. Click here for it.
  • It’s a great time to try a free subscription to Amazon Prime. If you already shop there, their free shipping minimum just increased to $35 an order. If you don’t like it, it’s VERY EASY to cancel. You cancel online, under MY ACCOUNT with the click of a button. We love ours and find it saves us money. With Prime, you can:
    • Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone

    • Borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

    • Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size
    Click here for the free 30 day trial.
  • There’s a free subscription to Family Circle at Mercury Magazines. Click here. There survey is longer, especially if you get the free trade publications they offer, and they are geared more towards people that work outside of the home. I have got free magazines from them in the past with no bill and no spam though.
  • Techy types out there might like Free Disk Image 6 Pro (FULL VERSION)
    It’s available here. You can use this to image your hard disk.

I hope you’ve found something that will brighten today or a future day for you. I love getting free stuff in the mail and trying new things.

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