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Free Southern Living Cookbook w/$15 Purchase

I love the Internet for recipes – I DO! But, also, I just really like a good cookbook in hardcopy.

I just love cookbooks. I like to read them, get ideas from them, and will usually find a few recipes worth trying. If I find one really good ‘keeper’ recipe in a cookbook that the whole family enjoys, I am overjoyed. Unfortunately, good cookbooks can be expensive.

That’s why I was tickled about this form: Free Southern Living Cookbook.

Southern Living is one of my favorite recipe sources. They’ve always been my favorite cookbooks, as my family often likes the recipes that I try from them. I also like Taste of Home, the Top Secret Recipe series, Midwest Living, and Coastal Living magazines and cookbooks.

When I look online for recipes, I like Taste of Home, and Food Network. Also, often when I have an idea or a name, I check youtube to see if there’s a cook demonstrating the recipe. It’s really great for foreign cuisine and techniques that are unfamiliar.

I did find a few coupons to go with the rebate form. One is for Cracker Creations – $1.00 off
Click Here. I’ve never tried these, have any of you?

And Seattle’s Best Coupons: $1.50 off Seattle’s Best 4 pack.

My strategy is to use the $5.00 gift card that I won today and stock up on Hellman’s Mayo, since it’s a brand we are loyal to and it’s been on rollback at Walmart this week. Depending on the expiration date, I might fill in my order with one of the other items I have coupons on.

Can you use coupons and file rebates? Sure, I do it all the time. If you can’t, it will say so somewhere on the form or coupons, but usually I have a few more items on my receipt and just submit a longer receipt and I’ve not had any problems.

Eat Cereal, Go to Movies Free

General Mills is running a great promotion now. Look for specially marked cereal boxes with codes. Enter 2 codes online and get a free movie ticket. Check your coupon box or binder for GM cereal coupons – recently there were several printables for .75 off a box of Reece’s.

Form for Movie Tickets

Mountain Dew-Save labels for T-Shirts & Hoodies

2 Liter Mountain Dew Bottle

You can save Mountain Dew labels for free t-shirts or hoodies. One form per item ordered.
My nephew LOVES Mountain Dew. He could drink two 2 liters of it a day if I didn’t keep them hidden.

In removing the labels to save, I’ve found it is best to cut the label about 2 inches to the right of the UPS and start pulling away from it. They put their UPC right by the glue strip. I doubt they will be picky enough for that to matter, but it also keeps the edges neater, so they are easier to fold up and store.

Here’s the form you need: Loot for Labels Form

When I see good PDF forms like this, I always go ahead and save or print them. Sometimes they will take them down before their expiration date. Having a copy stored on your computer or a hardcopy helps ensure you won’t be caught without a bunch of labels, and no form.

Some states do not even have to send labels -Details are on the form.

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