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Free Pack of GoGo Squeeze Applesauce (after rebate)

GoGo Sweeze Applesauce

The Rebate Form is HERE.

What’s really neat about this offer is that you can fill out the rebate form online! If you do it online, you’ll need to be able to upload a photo of your receipt. I like this though, because it saves a stamp!

  • Limit one per family

  • For purchases made from June 15, 2013 through September 30, 2013

Free Ream of Paper (After Rebate) at Staples

Staples has a deal until 1 October 2011 where you can get a free ream of paper after rebate.
You need the coupon at the link below:

(It’s the coupon at the top, so just print page 1 if it is the only one you need.)
Take that coupon to Staples and get the paper, have the cashier scan the paper and your coupon, and then pay. When you get your receipt, it will have information on it that you will then come home and fill out online. (At least that is what happens where I live and for most folks, but a few stores maybe different if their system is not online yet.)

I’ve completed several rebate offers from Staples in the last year. They have always paid me, but it usually took about 6 weeks. Still, free is free and I always need paper to print coupons with! Just DO NOT forget to file your rebate. I have learned to do it as soon as I get home.

Free Southern Living Cookbook w/$15 Purchase

I love the Internet for recipes – I DO! But, also, I just really like a good cookbook in hardcopy.

I just love cookbooks. I like to read them, get ideas from them, and will usually find a few recipes worth trying. If I find one really good ‘keeper’ recipe in a cookbook that the whole family enjoys, I am overjoyed. Unfortunately, good cookbooks can be expensive.

That’s why I was tickled about this form: Free Southern Living Cookbook.

Southern Living is one of my favorite recipe sources. They’ve always been my favorite cookbooks, as my family often likes the recipes that I try from them. I also like Taste of Home, the Top Secret Recipe series, Midwest Living, and Coastal Living magazines and cookbooks.

When I look online for recipes, I like Taste of Home, and Food Network. Also, often when I have an idea or a name, I check youtube to see if there’s a cook demonstrating the recipe. It’s really great for foreign cuisine and techniques that are unfamiliar.

I did find a few coupons to go with the rebate form. One is for Cracker Creations – $1.00 off
Click Here. I’ve never tried these, have any of you?

And Seattle’s Best Coupons: $1.50 off Seattle’s Best 4 pack.

My strategy is to use the $5.00 gift card that I won today and stock up on Hellman’s Mayo, since it’s a brand we are loyal to and it’s been on rollback at Walmart this week. Depending on the expiration date, I might fill in my order with one of the other items I have coupons on.

Can you use coupons and file rebates? Sure, I do it all the time. If you can’t, it will say so somewhere on the form or coupons, but usually I have a few more items on my receipt and just submit a longer receipt and I’ve not had any problems.

$26.00 Worth of Motor Oil – Free after rebate

Purchase 5 quart bottles of G-OIL SW 30 Bio-Based Full Synthetic ‘green’ motor oil and receive a rebate for $26.00.

Runs $26.00 at Walmart. (Price may vary regionally a bit.)

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST – My advice is to print the form NOW, and then submit this one quick!

Refundnow – Where I get the best coupons

This is a small, but very important post if you want to save money.

I get the best coupons from REFUNDNOW.NET

It isn’t your average coupon clipping service – in fact, newspaper coupons are just a small fraction of coupons offered by the owner, my friend Ellen Hotz.

The site is operated out of Michigan, but I usually get my coupons in 1-2 days with regular first class mail. That’s because they fill orders almost as soon as they come in, from my experience.

There’s nearly always great coupons that will net you free items, and often you can find coupons with no expiration dates. She also carries a large assortment of rebate forms.

It’s an awesome site!

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