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All sorts of coupons – with tips on how to use them to get the best deals.

Double Play on ALL Laundry Detergent

There’s a double play on All Laundry Detergent. You can save $7 or more off $15.00 worth of All.
Picture of ALL Laundry Detergent
Go to the SavingStar link below to load the coupon (You’ll need to register if you haven’t already):

Valid thru 3/5: Click Here to Save $5.00 when you spend $15.00 on any all® Laundry Detergent.

You can grab a $2.00/2 coupon here: Click Here.

First, load up your coupon at SavingStar. If you don’t have an account, it’s a great service to join. You simply register your shoppers cards at popular stores like CVS and Kroger, and then you load the offers you want. Then, when you buy the items, after a week or two, you’ll see the money in your account. Cashing out is easy – I usually get mine within a day, and they pay through Paypal.

To be honest I don’t pay much attention to SavingStar- I don’t have to! I just load up the offers and the next thing I know, I log in and have money! It’s that easy once you get registered. I always keep the offers linked off the homepage of WireSplice.

Saving on soda /The best generic soft drinks?

Brand name soft drinks are so expensive, and these days it seems we’re all trying to quit, but sometimes we just want one. They are pretty popular at parties too, and using generics can help with expenses when you must have a wide variety on hand. So, how do you save and who has the best knock off brands?

Generic soft drinks maybe don’t look hip, but they are easier on the pocketbook. My family tends to prefer Coca-Cola® products when we have pop.

The soda pop generics are usually .68-.89 everyday vs. the $1.00-$1.50 you pay for Coke® or Pepsi® 2 liters WHEN THEY ARE ON SALE. Of course, you don’t get point or perks. That might not matter to you.

Coke Rewards has been awesome to my family, so I still will buy Cokes if there isn’t much difference in the price and I will ALWAYS grab lids when I find them. We’ve won a vacation, a free year’s supply of Cola, a shopping trip for my son some new clothes (a real treat, as we don’t often buy new clothes!), a video game system that was a GODSEND one Christmas, a Makita® tool package, 2 trips to Six Flags, and several other things. So yes! I find it worthwhile to put in my codes!
Pepsi runs some good contests too, often without having to enter points.

I know I’m not alone in having to cut costs- sometimes I about have to FIGHT my way into the generic soft drink aisle at Kroger.

Sometimes there are good coupons on soft drinks that make the brand name versions cheaper than generics. Always look for hang-tags! I’ve found them on the sodas themselves, on deli pizzas and on cans of tomatoes! You never know where they will turn up. Also, stores that have incentive programs often have point programs that can net free or low priced brand name soft drinks.

So who has the best knock off generic store brands? We think that Kroger does. (And NO – no one paid us to say that, or gave us free trials for this post, that’s just an honest opinion.) This is true for MOST of Kroger’s generic drinks. Their Citrus Drop taste like Mello Yello, and their Citrus Drop Extreme tastes like Vault. The grape soda, the colas- all are very close to COKE brands. That said though – DO NOT even think about trying their SWEET TEA that it might be like FUZE®. It’s not. Even the NON-DIET has aspartame in it. Usually we find Kroger’s generic 2 liters to be .68 on sale, and their 12 packs to be $2.00 to at most $2.50. This summer they ran a 4/$9.00 sale.

I bought Kroger store brand soft drinks and took them to the flea market on ice and sold them for .50 cents each and still made a good profit. Lots of people said they liked the Kroger brands!

Walmart’s brands (IE Sam’s Cola, Mountain Lightning®) are decent, but not as good as Kroger’s. They are .89 cents every day at our local store. They are a bit sweeter, which is more like Pepsi. They go flat faster and are not as fizzy when you open them.

K-Mart’s has several that taste good too. The Cola is most like Double Cola® or RC® brand to my family. It’ll do, but Kroger’s beats it if you like Coke.
Their Mountain Rapids is good for citrus soda fans. It sounds like Mountain Dew®, but it taste a bit more like Mello Yello®. Still, not as good as Kroger’s Citrus Drop, but it tops Walmart’s brand. Their knock off of Dr. Pepper, which is Dr. Smart, is pretty good, very close to Dr. Pepper, but doesn’t quite have that burn that Dr. Pepper® does. They have good orange and grape drinks too – much like Sunkist®.

Also, we find that if we DO buy the generics at K-Mart, that the CANS are usually fresher and fizzier. They don’t always get their LIDS on tight enough or put enough pressure in their 2 liters.

If you like Mello Yello or Mountain Dew, you might find that you also like Sun Drop. It’s a bit stronger, with a bit more burn, but it’s good and holds it’s fizz longer than the generic 2 liters. Sometimes they put out BOGO coupons that are great. They are $1.00 every day at Walmart for the 2 liters.

So here’s my breakdown, based on what we’ve had experience with:
Colas – Sam’s and Kroger’s tie. We have a few at Kroger that were too sweet. Sam’s is more consistent. K-Mart’s cola is good if you like RC brand.
This is true for the diet colas as well.

Mello Yello – Kroger Citrus Drop wins the prize. I can’t tell the difference.
Vault – Kroger Extreme Citrus Drop – again, they taste the same.
(I’m told the Diet brands of these two are also hard to tell from the real thing.)
Canned Lemonade – Kroger has this top spot.

Mountain Dew – Sam’s Mountain Lightening is the most like this, but you might like K-Mart’s Mountain Rapids too.

Fuze – Just get Fuze. We’ve not found a generic that’s worth a crap. Better yet, brew your own tea. Walmart’s generic teabags are pleasing to this Southern Family, who generally likes Tetley over Lipton.

Orange – K-Mart makes a good orange generic soda, much like Sunkist.
Grape – Kroger has the best generic.

Dr. Pepper – The generic most like Dr. Pepper is K-Mart’s Dr. Smart, in the CANS.

So generally, in our opinion, overall, Kroger has the cheapest, best store brand soft drinks – just ya’ll steer clear of that horrid stuff they call ‘Sweet Tea.’ And get them at the door if they have them there, it might save you a fight later in the soft-drink aisle.

Don’t ya’ll ask me about bottled water. There’s this thing called THE TAP. If you fret over purity, invest in a Camelbak or other filtered water bottle ONCE and use that over and over.

I’ll update this posts as we try to form opinions other generic brands. Some stores might have better drinks, but are not in my area.
Update 12/13/2015 Aldi’s has the BEST citrus drink ever. If you like Mello Yello,or Mountain Dew, try Aldi’s Mountain Frost. Currently priced at $2.18 a 12 pack, it tastes great, and they’ve taken the artificial colors out, so it is clear. I really like it BETTER than the name brands!

$10.00 Free Amazon Gift Card, Redbox Codes & More

REDBOXTonight I found a great deal online I want to share. AOL has started a service that bundles together popular web deals and then charges a discount price for them. The neat thing is – it’s free for ONE month! Translation – free $10 Amazon, Redbox, Pandora, I-Tunes, and maybe more!

They also have some pre-bundled services or you can make your own. I got a pre-bundled service, because it included a lot of things I like, such as a Pandora Subscription, Redbox movie and game codes, and it comes with a $10 Amazon Gift code for $15 a month – again- FREE for your first month.

You do have to submit a credit card. I love winning pre-paid Visas and Mastercards to use for deals like this. However, I suspect I will keep this one, because we usually spend more than 15.00 between Amazon and Redbox anyway.

However, site reviews are generally saying that canceling isn’t hard, and some people that cancel are reporting getting a survey for why they canceled with a 25.00 gift code as a thank you. That’s not everyone, but appears to be a random sampling.

Here’s the site:

Check out their bundles or make your own. I personally found the pre-bundled items to be a better value. Note that a few of the things expire after a month, such as the 10.00 Fandango gift cards – those seem to have a expiration date. So read the details. That’s a Fandango deal killer for me, because I would rather save up 2 months so I wouldn’t have to go to the movies alone. The Amazon codes though – the one I got went RIGHT to gift card balance. Of course I am buying more and more at Amazon lately so I rarely have a gift code last more than a day, lol. There’s also computer security products, ID protection products, and other things to choose from.

There doesn’t seem to be any affiliate bonus at this time – it’s a shame, my friends and I could have had fun with that!

Remember to cancel after you get your goodies if you don’t think continuing with the subscription will save you money. Also, be a bit leary of those magazine offers – most of the magazines can be had for free if you follow this site regularly!

Free Christian Audiobook – The Cross and The Switch Blade



Cover Cross & Switchblade

Get the free audio-book today here.

Get this completely free 7 hour audio-book today.  There’s over 50 million copies in print and the reviews look pretty good.

It’s about one man’s outreach to New York Teens trapped by drugs and gangs. He works to help some very troubled, downtrodden people while teaching them about the love of Christ.

I have many Christian readers, and I thought this might be of interest.  Hope everyone’s having a nice Sunday!

I love audio-books myself.  I can clean and cook and get reading time in while I’m doing it!   I also got a 10% off discount coupon on any other audio-book when I downloaded it.

Free Amber Blush At Bath and Body Works – No Purchase Required

Bath And Body Works Logo

Click on the picture linked to the B&BW Facebook page above to head over to the Bath & Body Works page for a coupon for a FREE Amber Blush Trial perfume valued at $7.50. No purchase required!

When you get there, they want you to save the picture, and show it to use as a coupon – to do that, just right click the image of the special ad, and save it to your computer, then print it out. Or, they say you can just show the image at checkout using your smartphone.

Good while supplies last.
(They usually do have good stock of supplies on specials like this in my experience.)
It’s good Sept. 6, 2013- Sept. 9, 2013