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Steep discounts on entertainment

Possibly Free Redbox Movies with Daily Text

Use your cell phone for possible free Redbox movies.
Text DEALS to 727272 every day from 8/15 thru 8/24 to get a new discount code* daily – between 10¢ and $1!

If you’ve never used Redbox before, you can try the code “BREAKROOM” for a free movie. It worked for me on each card as long as I used a different email address. Some people report success with “DVDONME” for first time users as well. Unfortunately, I’ve used all those codes, so I’m looking for new ones.

Free Movies with Blockbuster Express

Time Limited offer – Expires 8/5/11

More free codes from Blockbuster Express – these are good until 8//5/2011 and may be used once per card.
Each good for one free night’s rental.

Buy a Blue Ray Cheaper than you can Rent a Movie

July 26,2011 Time Limited Offer

I just picked up a blueray copy of The Wicker Man for $3.97. It’s the new one, but I just love the soundtrack! has a great deal today. They are offering a $5.00 coupon code: WERHERE5

Click here to view selection from low to high.
Standard shipping is $0.99.

Just make your selection, and enter the code. It will take off $5.00.
They even take Paypal.

Free Blockbuster Express Movies


There are MORE Free Blockbuster Express codes out. I think Blockbuster Express must REALLY want to pick up all the Netflix customers that are angry about recent price increases.

These multiple use codes each good for one free night’s rental at Blockbuster Express kiosks until 07-29-11 at midnight. You can use them once per credit card.

Code: 76KBDJ2
Code: 59NCRP8
Code: 88SVEM8
Code: 36MMMT9
Code: 83RBPW2
Code: 54JDAB9
Code: 95TGAF3
Code: 94BCRD6


Free Magazines and Free Bowling

I’ve got a few goodies for you guys today.
It’s been a long day and I’ve been quite busy with various nagging projects that needed to be done.
My homemade pickles must be a huge hit, because I woke up to find 3 empty pickle jars on the counter where Sage and the neighbor’s kids had a pickle binge. Even the juice was gone!

Ok, here’s what I’ve dug up today –

There’s 4 free magazine subscriptions available through Rewards Gold. I have used this service SEVERAL times and my magazines always come without a bill or a hassle. Sometimes I have to take a little survey to get the subscription but it’s always short and easy.

Forbes, Maxim, Bloomberg’s Business Week, and Barron’s are available today.
Here’s the link: Rewards Gold Magazine Offers

Also, there’s a free bowling opportunity on August 6, 2011. They are trying to break the world’s record and are giving out free passes.

To get in on that deal, go here: Go Bowling! Free Bowling Aug. 6, 2011.

Have fun! Leaving you with a sunflower from my garden. What’s so cool about it? It was grown in a concrete block. 🙂