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Steep discounts on entertainment

$10.00 Free Amazon Gift Card, Redbox Codes & More

REDBOXTonight I found a great deal online I want to share. AOL has started a service that bundles together popular web deals and then charges a discount price for them. The neat thing is – it’s free for ONE month! Translation – free $10 Amazon, Redbox, Pandora, I-Tunes, and maybe more!

They also have some pre-bundled services or you can make your own. I got a pre-bundled service, because it included a lot of things I like, such as a Pandora Subscription, Redbox movie and game codes, and it comes with a $10 Amazon Gift code for $15 a month – again- FREE for your first month.

You do have to submit a credit card. I love winning pre-paid Visas and Mastercards to use for deals like this. However, I suspect I will keep this one, because we usually spend more than 15.00 between Amazon and Redbox anyway.

However, site reviews are generally saying that canceling isn’t hard, and some people that cancel are reporting getting a survey for why they canceled with a 25.00 gift code as a thank you. That’s not everyone, but appears to be a random sampling.

Here’s the site:

Check out their bundles or make your own. I personally found the pre-bundled items to be a better value. Note that a few of the things expire after a month, such as the 10.00 Fandango gift cards – those seem to have a expiration date. So read the details. That’s a Fandango deal killer for me, because I would rather save up 2 months so I wouldn’t have to go to the movies alone. The Amazon codes though – the one I got went RIGHT to gift card balance. Of course I am buying more and more at Amazon lately so I rarely have a gift code last more than a day, lol. There’s also computer security products, ID protection products, and other things to choose from.

There doesn’t seem to be any affiliate bonus at this time – it’s a shame, my friends and I could have had fun with that!

Remember to cancel after you get your goodies if you don’t think continuing with the subscription will save you money. Also, be a bit leary of those magazine offers – most of the magazines can be had for free if you follow this site regularly!

Free Christian Audiobook – The Cross and The Switch Blade



Cover Cross & Switchblade

Get the free audio-book today here.

Get this completely free 7 hour audio-book today.  There’s over 50 million copies in print and the reviews look pretty good.

It’s about one man’s outreach to New York Teens trapped by drugs and gangs. He works to help some very troubled, downtrodden people while teaching them about the love of Christ.

I have many Christian readers, and I thought this might be of interest.  Hope everyone’s having a nice Sunday!

I love audio-books myself.  I can clean and cook and get reading time in while I’m doing it!   I also got a 10% off discount coupon on any other audio-book when I downloaded it.

Really Fun, Potentially Quite Helpful Site

First – A quick shout out to my AMPF friends, you know who you are and I love you all. When I saw this lady was making videos for nearly nothing, I had to support her. I think she is REALLY funny – and she even wrote the script, not me! She’s great!

Now…back to my post – there’s a really fun website where you can either find a bit of inexpensive help, or perhaps make a bit of extra money. Some of it is really silly – like people willing to do ‘Old Spice Man’ type commercials for you, or people willing to dress up as a hotdog and dance to your favorite song – some of this stuff is quite creative – and it’s all about $5.00. Now to me, that’s maybe better in a lot of situations than a greeting card, for about the same price, and maybe it helps the individual out on the other end too.

There’s also some serious bargains to be found if you need help too – like if you need blog content written, homework help, articles proofread, a bit of HTML or photoediting help….There’s been a lot of times I would have gladly paid someone $5 to help me out with a coding problem.

While most of it is great fun, some offerings are a bit concerning to me, like people willing to write paid reviews on products they’ve never used, or people promising 700 likes on your Facebook page. (That probably are not worth having.)

Here’s the link:

2 Adult Movie Tickets for $12

Oh! I am so wanting to go see Puss N Boots, but even more than that, I can’t wait to go see Breaking Dawn. Yes, I am one of those not so cool fans of sparkly vampires!

I’m glad to be able to offer a link so you can get 2 adult tickets for $12.00!

This is an offer you can’t refuse! $12 For 2 Adult Movie Tickets From ($24 Value)

I think that is a great deal on movie tickets – especially if you live in an area where admissions are high and there are few discount theaters – like MINE. Gosh, the last time I went to a movie with my son, it was nearly $20.00, and that was just the tickets! Yes, we can save some by going to matinees, but he really likes to go at night. Still, matinees are about $7.50 each here now. How much is a ticket where you are?

AMC Silver Movie Ticket for $5

$5.00 for an AMC Silver Movie Ticket, worth $12.00 is a pretty good deal, especially if you are in a place where tickets are more expensive. Around here, we generally go to matinees, but my son really likes to go to see movies at night. He says “There’s just something about walking out of the theater when it’s dark.”

When I can find a good movie deal online, it helps us afford to go at night for the same price or less than a matinee. This is for AMC theaters only.

To get your deal, click here:

$5 AMC Theatres® Silver Experience™ Tickets $5 for an AMC Theatres® Silver Experience™ Ticket (Valued Up To $12)

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