Aldi’s – give it a try, we LOVE it

We really love our Aldi’s. At first, I wasn’t too sure about a store that I had to carry my own bags for, bag my own groceries, and pay a deposit to get a shopping cart.
Now I have it down to a science- I always keep a quarter in my car and also my purse. “That’s my Aldi’s shopping cart quarter,” I tell myself, “can’t spend that!” I have a small sack full of shopping sacks too, and before I hit the store, I make sure to carry it with me. I do know though that if I should forget my bags, I can always get a box or pay about a nickel each for bags there. The savings is worth it.

My first time, I wasn’t too keen on it. The generic brands scared me, and the store seemed so small. However, if you cook most of your meals, and don’t use a lot of convenience foods, you’ll find about everything you need for most meals. The main thing I really like are the great deals on produce and dairy. I plan meals mainly around the produce that is in season and on special. No store in my area beats the Aldi’s produce prices, and my store has great produce. That can vary though, I understand, depending on what region you are in.

The Aldi’s generics, I now know, are often BETTER than retail brands. Aldi’s is good to leave out artificial colors and preservatives whenever possible. That’s stuff I certainly don’t miss.

Wednesdays are a good day to go. They have a lot of special sales on Wednesday.

Besides eating a lot more fresh foods, Aldi’s lower prices means that I don’t have to cut coupons to get good deals. I have more time and freedom NOT having to cut coupons, and yet my grocery bill is about the same, and there’s healthier food, and less ‘junk’ in my cart.

Before I go, I always check the list at Southern Savers to see what the sales are: Aldi Weekly Deals.

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