Summary of Changes to Walgreen’s Coupon Policy

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I’m not a huge Walgreen’s shopper anyway, because it’s not that close to my house, but sometimes I do go by there because they do have some good deals occasionally worth driving for.

They’ve recently updated their coupon policy, and not for the best; it is more restrictive now.

Here’s the big changes, but if you want to read the entire policy, it is here:
Walgreen’s Official Coupon Policy

  1. Coupons MUST scan.
    (This change concerns me the most. A lot of times coupons you win or that come in Sunset magazine will not scan because they are rare in the region, and aren’t ever entered into the system.)

  2. No coupons on free items- ONE coupon for BOGOs only – The number of coupons used on the deal CANNOT exceed the ‘buy’ portion of the coupon – if the coupons is B2G1, then you can use 2, if it is B3G1 then you can use 3 coupons total.

  3. NO overage

  4. No free item coupons that have been printed

  5. Total number of coupons cannot exceed total number of items bought – this includes Register Rewards coupons (I buy ‘penny’ candy to get around this, though it is more than a penny these days!

I keep a printed copy of coupon policies with me in my coupon bag.

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