Friday Freebies & Fun Stuff

Today’s Friday and I’ve got a few things for you:

  1. Click to Jump to Free Snickers
  2. Click to Jump to Free Protein Bar
  3. Click to Jump to Truffle Therapy Serum Sample
  4. Click to Jump to Bottle of Megared Krill Oil
  5. Click to Jump to Sample Murad Acne Clearing Solution
  6. Click to Jump to More Info on Saving Star

1. FREE SNICKERS at select retailers (CVS and Kroger, among others.
Friday Freebie: Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) SNICKERS® Bar or SNICKERS® Brand Peanut Butter Squared Bars (1.76 – 1.86 oz.)

(Another Saving Star deal I’m taking advantage of today is Purex.
Save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any Henkel® Laundry & Home Care products including all Purex®, Zout®, Soft Scrub® & Renuzit®

2. has a digital coupon for a FREE Premier Protein Bar!

3.    Truffle Therapy Serum Link to Sample Waiting List This is good stuff, kind of pricey – I thought it was worth getting on the waiting list for. A similar sample from them came in my February Birch Box. Seems like good stuff so far- it smells amazing.

4.   1st 10,000 – Free Bottle of Schiff MegaRed 100% Pure Omega 3 Krill Oil at 3pm EST TODAY

Dr. Oz is giving the first 10k people to sign up at 3PM EST a free bottle of MegaRed 100% Pure Omega 3 Krill Oil.
Link to 3pm Sign up

5. Murad (Facebook Sample) Free Sample of Murad Acne Clearing Solution

Info about Saving Star:

I love Saving Star. Once you get it set up, all you have to do is go to the site occasionally and activate coupons – there’s nothing to take to a store or do other than that. It usually takes them about 2 weeks to put the money in my account- it’s not that they are slow, it’s just they have to get the information from the stores. Once I have $5.00 I cash out and usually see the money the next day. I’ve cashed out several times now – it’s always nice to get that bit of kickback!)

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