Why Switch to A Standing Desk – My Experiment

I almost hate to admit it, but I do a lot of things because I dream that I am supposed to if it turns out it sounds like good advice. So, in a nutshell, that’s why I have a standing desk. I dreamed that I should get rid of my chair and stand up to work.

When I got up, I started searching the Internet for information on this, and turns out that it sounded like solid advice. There is tons of research that standing makes you more productive, burns more calories, and is better for your health. I also feel like eventually it will help my balance issues, and it’s supposed to promote good posture and core strength. I need all these things to be healthier.

Day 1 Oct.8, 2013

I started looking at standing desks and they were quite expensive. Forget that! I got my husband to measure me and then he simply made some square blocks to put my desk on out of spare wood. They look ok, are sturdy, and even give me a bit of storage space. (My desk is made a bit weird- only one side has legs that go to the floor, the other side was resting on a pedestal on a printer/drawer extension.) I REALLY love my curved desk and I’m glad I could get it converted so well. I put my monitor just a bit below eye level. That’s the most comfortable for my neck.

One benefit I noticed immediately is that I have a lot more space. It’s going to be a lot easier to vacuum over here, so maybe I will keep it cleaner. Housekeeping isn’t my strong suit, so anything helps.

My first day I spent about 7 hours standing. The longest I went was 2 hours. Since I am at home, when I got tired I simply went and sat somewhere. One thing I found though, was that unlike when I am sitting, I moved around a LOT more. As pages would load, I’d stretch. As I played a bit of music, I found myself dancing in place. It wasn’t just standing, I was moving.

My husband has a directive to not help me change this back for at least 2 weeks, and then to give me a hard time about it for another week before he does it. See, I know I’m a sitter. It’s probably why I got so fat – I really don’t like to move much. It’s my nature to be physically lazy, and mentally active.

At the end of the day, my legs were SO tired. I slept well. I didn’t want to get up.

Day 2
Ok, it was really weird getting up and going to my desk with no chair. Morning is going to be hard – I’m stiff in the mornings and just want to sit down and have some caffeine. I took some Advil and sat at the table, delaying work a bit. Then I put on some reggae and went to work.

Day 3
Coming to my desk this morning wasn’t such a shock. My legs aren’t as tired as they were yesterday either, but I didn’t work as long yesterday either. I’m finding that I want to get tasks DONE so I can go sit down, so I’m standing in about 45 minute increments. I’m overall up on my feet a lot more than I used to be. Another added benefit that is more for home workers than office workers, but my cats are not climbing. on my desk as often. I’ve set a strict no cat limit and since it seems like a new desk to them, they seem to be minding.

Day 5
I got a cheap mat at Walmart for 8.88. It’s just a padded vinyl mat but it does help. My knee pain is pretty much gone at this point, but I am having some back strain. My back just gets so tired that I have to sit down for a bit. It’s ok, I really should be taking those breaks anyway. I guess I am maybe going about an hour at a time working. I’m not goofing off as much.

Week 2
I’ve noticed it seems my digestive system is working better. I have found that to do really long bouts of work, I need music, then I don’t stand still, I sort of dance. Then my feet hurt a bit, but I end up taking off my shoes, which feels better for a while, and I end up standing on one foot, then the other. Then I put on my shoes. If my feet start back up, I take off my shoes and put on houseshoes. 2 pair of shoes are living under my desk, and it’s weird, but simply changing shoes is keeping me on my feet longer. I’m just finishing up 3 hours without sitting down. It is time for a break though. 🙂

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