Frugal Tip – If you like Magic Erasers® for Cleaning

I love to use Magic Erasers®  for cleaning the kitchen and bath. In the kitchen there’s nothing I’ve found better for scrubbing down cabinets, and walls, and door frames too! In the bathroom, I find that I can clean the tub – really scrub it down good so it shines – in just a couple of minutes if I use one with some Scrubbing Bubbles®  Foam cleaner. Then I use the automatic shower cleaner and really, I rarely have to do much with my tub.

The problem is, even with coupons, those little sponges get expensive. Well, I’ve found a great alternative. The cost outlay is a bit more initially, but in the long run, it really saves money if you use these a lot like I do.

The trick to this savings – like the trick to a lot of frugal savings, is simply knowing what things are made of, and then buying the generic name, instead of the brand name. They have a generic name, and it is ‘melamine sponge.’

I usually buy mine on eBay. I usually pay about $5-$9.00 for 50 or more. On the auction sites it can vary depending on when you search. Usually shipping is free, because these are super light, and I think a lot of the Asian countries subsidize shipping.

I search on:
Melamine Sponges
Melamine Cleaning Sponge Lot

Here’s one eBay Search. Link to Ebay

I also have them available in the Wiresplice Frugal Store 50 sponges for $8.99 with free shipping in the cleaning department. I put all my best buys and finds there, so check it out, you might find other ways to save.

These sponges typically come in a plastic mailer that makes a convenient package for storage. The quality is not quite what the brand name offers, but I find them certainly good enough for the price and what I use them for. One sponge will get me through a day’s cleaning or most particular jobs. They tear a tad easier. Still I’d much rather pay even $9.00 for 50 than $3.00 for 2!

Magic Eraser®  is a Registered Tradmark of Proctor & Gamble.  Scrubbing Bubbles®  is a Registered Trademark of  SC Johnson.


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