3 Free Issues Everyday With Rachael Ray, Also Celebrity News Magazines

Wow!  Value Magazines has some great offers out.  These are NO strings attached.  You’ll see offers after you enter your information and click continue, but it’s only 1 page and you don’t have to choose any.  It’s not time-consuming or hard at all to get these!
I’ve got Value Magazines like this for years, with never a bill or obligation and no spam!  It’s a great service to keep subscriber bases up.

Everyday With Rachael Ray Magazine Picture

First off, they offer 3 free issues of Everyday With Rachael Ray Magazine. These are hard copies that will come in your mail. There’s usually a few coupons in them too.

Then, if you like celebrity news, you might enjoy these 2 digital deals. Digital magazines are accessed via a tablet if you have one, or online with Zinio viewer. I’ve used it for years. I’ve really come to prefer it for a lot of magazines, because it really decreases household clutter. That’s going to be especially true with these 2 magazines which come every week.

1 Free 52 issue subscription (1 year) to OK! digital.

Ok! Magazine Picture

2. Free 52 issue subscription (1 year) to Star Digital.

Star Magazine Picture


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Note: Supplies are limited.  First to get them, does.  When the offer expires, it’s gone.

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