Happy Mother’s Day (with link to Freebies)

I hope everyone is having a happy Mother’s Day. 🙂 I kinda hate Mother’s Day, because I miss my mom. She died a few years back in the spring. So every year, I just sorta try to forget about it. My mom was amazing. She had a huge heart and a good bit of spunk.

I love this picture of her. It was a summer before she died. She was in her mid-60s. She never, ever, let her age slow her down. When she was young, she weighed about 101 pounds, and had a figure that stopped people in their tracks. She measured 34-21-34. When she was still fairly young, she broke a hip. It was a stress fracture that wouldn’t heal. She had one of the first artificial hips ever – it was still experimental. She never let it stop her from living though. I saw my mom drive a wrecker in a body cast- I kid you not! She was SUCH an inspiration! I learned from her that half the battle of doing ANYTHING is just getting up and doing it.

There’s a great link to Mother’s Day Freebies over at The Thrifty Maven’s List of Mother’s Day Freebies

Chip got me some movie tickets to see Dark Shadows, because I’m an OLD Dark Shadows fan, and because I really like Johnny Depp. I didn’t want to go today though, it’s raining here and I just want to stay in and clean. Ok, that’s weird for me, but that’s all I want to do.

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