Kroger High Value Daily Coupons are Back!

I love shopping at my Kroger in Rome, GA. They are SO coupon friendly. That really matters to me, because I use a LOT of coupons. I’m not the extreme couponer with 3 carts, but it is not unusual for my bill to be paid for with at least 100.00 coming off from coupons.

They have this special deal they run every now and then that I really like. You simply sign in every day and you get the high value coupon for the day.

Well, it’s going again, and today it is a $1.50 Oscar Mayer coupon.

So if you shop at Kroger, check every day until 4/28 to see what they offer. The last time they offered this promotion, I was able to get dirt cheap Tide, free sandwich meat, and several other things for substantial savings.

Start at this link: Kroger Cart Buster Coupon Event. The coupons will be digital and will load to your Kroger card.

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