Really Fun, Potentially Quite Helpful Site

First – A quick shout out to my AMPF friends, you know who you are and I love you all. When I saw this lady was making videos for nearly nothing, I had to support her. I think she is REALLY funny – and she even wrote the script, not me! She’s great!

Now…back to my post – there’s a really fun website where you can either find a bit of inexpensive help, or perhaps make a bit of extra money. Some of it is really silly – like people willing to do ‘Old Spice Man’ type commercials for you, or people willing to dress up as a hotdog and dance to your favorite song – some of this stuff is quite creative – and it’s all about $5.00. Now to me, that’s maybe better in a lot of situations than a greeting card, for about the same price, and maybe it helps the individual out on the other end too.

There’s also some serious bargains to be found if you need help too – like if you need blog content written, homework help, articles proofread, a bit of HTML or photoediting help….There’s been a lot of times I would have gladly paid someone $5 to help me out with a coding problem.

While most of it is great fun, some offerings are a bit concerning to me, like people willing to write paid reviews on products they’ve never used, or people promising 700 likes on your Facebook page. (That probably are not worth having.)

Here’s the link:

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  1. Love you ma’am.