Wiresplice Has New Hosting

Wiresplice has a new home. I’m really glad, I wasn’t very happy with Godaddy and I was pretty mad at them for supporting SOPA-some web legislation that I think could lead to censorship.

My friend Ken Oporto just happens to have a hosting company and has graciously offered to host Wiresplice! I’ve known Ken for well over a decade. We both started down the web-tech road way back in the 90’s. I was on the phone with Ken, who was in downtown DC, during 9-11. It’s true you never forget what you were doing that day. I’ve followed his career as a professional IT guy with some pretty impressive companies and I know how capable he is, so I was pretty excited that he’d be hosting me.

He’s involved in very personable hosting, so if you have a business that needs affordable hosting with a direct line to your hosting tech, he’s your man. He’s at http://tkoweb.com/aff2011.php I’ve had 100% uptime so far with him and the site is super responsive.

When he and I discussed Wiresplice, it made me want to define it further. Wiresplice is NOT a deal site – sure, I post deals from time to time but the main purpose of Wiresplice is to help people save money and use web-related strategies so that they can live a better life for less. I know a lot of people are struggling trying to live on much less than they had thought they would have to, and I really hope Wiresplice helps. The deals that you will find posted here will usually be FREE or extremely affordable deals that I would consider purchasing myself, on my very limited income. But besides deals, you’ll also find tips on frugal living, recipes, gardening, and other how-to’s.


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