2 Adult Movie Tickets for $12

Oh! I am so wanting to go see Puss N Boots, but even more than that, I can’t wait to go see Breaking Dawn. Yes, I am one of those not so cool fans of sparkly vampires!

I’m glad to be able to offer a link so you can get 2 adult tickets for $12.00!

This is an offer you can’t refuse! $12 For 2 Adult Movie Tickets From Fandango.com ($24 Value)

I think that is a great deal on movie tickets – especially if you live in an area where admissions are high and there are few discount theaters – like MINE. Gosh, the last time I went to a movie with my son, it was nearly $20.00, and that was just the tickets! Yes, we can save some by going to matinees, but he really likes to go at night. Still, matinees are about $7.50 each here now. How much is a ticket where you are?

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