Several Free Magazine Subscription Offers

August 17, 2011

There’s Popular Science, Outdoor Life, Ski, and possibly more free magazine subscriptions at ValueMags.

I have received several free subscriptions from them – they are dependable and don’t spam you. Fill out the form with your subscription info. There will be about 3 pages of offers that you can consider – it is FINE to say NO to all of them. For instance, Popular Science is one I jumped at, and it took me 3 pages of offers to click no to, but then it gave me my confirmation screen.

Again, here’s the link, CLICK HERE.

Sometimes these magazines take 6 weeks or so to start coming, but sometimes they come right away and you might get 2-3 issues at once. They’re free, what can I say? I love free!

Here’s a tip – “This year” magazines sell very well here at the Salvation Army store. Locally they sell them for a quarter to fifty cents each – so I keep mine nice and donate them as soon as I am done. Some libraries like to get them as well if they have book sales to support the library.

The young teen next door is a big fan of Popular Science, so I got this so I could pass them on to him. He was telling me just a few days ago how much he liked to read Popular Science and Discover. 🙂 I’ll be able to supply him with both! Happy Dance!

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