My Coke Rewards – Free College T-Shirt Tip

If you have a account, and you’ve put in 6 bottle-cap codes recently, try logging in and typing “football” as a code. It will trigger a free college football t-shirt.

If not, then if you have 6 codes, put them in, and then try the ‘football’ code as your 7th. 🙂
They have several to choose from in several different sizes.

3 responses to “My Coke Rewards – Free College T-Shirt Tip

  1. It’s for the 20 oz. bottles.

  2. In my area, I think they use the same caps for the 20 oz bottles and the 2 liters. They always seem to be interchangeable for contests – as long as they are the cola ones.

  3. Can you use 32 oz. Powerades?