Free Subscription to W Magazine

Time Limited Offer
August 28, 2011

Here’s the link:
Take an easy mascara survey with a couple of quick reviews and get a free subscription to W Fashion Magazine from I’ve used this service several times and received the magazines and haven’t experienced any problems with spam from them.

They ask for 2 mascara reviews that are 50 words. Here’s a free word count site: to make it easier. 50 words isn’t a lot!

They do this to keep subscription numbers up. That in turn helps them get advertisers. I’m really not even sure how much they care about the actual surveys and reviews, but it’s a little thing they do to keep it from being exactly ‘free’ so they don’t have to say they gave them away. That’s the way I understand it. W is a really good magazine if you enjoy high fashion. They often have celebrity interviews and fashion shots as well.

I thought my friends that sell clothing might like this one. 🙂

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