Lots of Free Magazine Subscriptions Available

RecycleBank is a web service that let’s you do little activities and recycle items if you are in select areas for points. Anyone can do the activities though, and they are quite easy and don’t take a lot of time. I’ve been a member for a couple of months now.

You then can trade your points for coupons, discounts, magazine subscriptions, or save them for gift cards.

Right now the following magazines are available:
For 115 points, you can choose a one year subscription to:

Good Housekeeping,
Everyday Food,
Marie Claire,
Whole Living,
Town & Country, and a few more.
Martha Stewart Living is available for 230 points.

First, sign up for an account, here: Recycle Bank Signup

Then, go to Earn Points. They are easy – it’s very short little videos and animations, and occasionally a 3 or 4 answer quiz. They are fairly self explanatory. It isn’t a spammy site. It’s a very easy, straightforward site with occasionally good contests. I won the “Green Your Home” photo contest not long ago. They’ve been very nice to deal with.

There’s probably at least 50 points available right now. Usually I can easily earn 200 points every week or two, and I’ve learned a bit about recycling in the process. I’ve used a lot of my free points for cat food, soda and Honest Tea coupons.

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