I should never get up and cook

I should never, ever, get up and start to cook anything immediately.
I got up after spending all night catching up on some TV shows I wanted to watch while I was ‘doing’ my coupons. I was mainly watching episodes of Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole. I’m a sucker for ‘what if’ cutting edge physics.

“Doing Coupons” involves taking all the expired ones out, moving the ones I want to use before they expire to a special “TO USE TODAY” section, and then cutting and putting new ones in. I do that twice a month, and it can take three to four hours. Some people use binders, or file their coupons, but I have a bag with dividers that I use. It works for me. You have to use what works for you. I love taking ALL my coupons to the store with me every time, because you never know what’s going to be on a hidden sale or on clearance that you might end up free.

So …anyway…I got up just after a few hours of sleep and my son was hungry. IF I’d been thinking, I’d have told him to cook his own pizza, (He is 15!) but I wasn’t thinking, because I can’t think for 30 minutes after I get up, which is why I spend that time reading the news, since I think most of it is for unthinking people anyway, these days.

So I popped a few slices of homemade frozen pizza in the oven and proceeded to read the news. The next thing I know, I just burned some frozen pizza to heck and back.

At least the chickens won’t care, but my son is still hungry and my kitchen is hot too early in the day.

I’ve got a BOGO (BUY ONE GET ONE) coupon from KFC that expires today. I think I’ll just take him to KFC. I’ll take some drinks and we’ll hit the drive through and then eat at the library. That should feed us both on about $6.00.

One response to “I should never get up and cook

  1. stephanielynn

    The only thing I do when I first wake up is feed that cats. Other than that, nothing I have to think about. Sorry about your burned pizza