How to Use Catalinas from The Coupon Network

Coupon network has a few new printables out: Click here.

They have 2 sorts of offerings, coupons, and in-store offers.

The coupons are pretty self-explanatory. Select what you want and print.

They also have in-store offers for other items for the Catalina printers that some stores have. These are under the tab, YourBucks.

Locally, they are at Kroger. I’m not sure about other stores. They will give you some special offer if you buy a certain thing. Often it is cash back. For instance, one of my favorite recent ones was “Buy $6.00 worth of Yoplait and get $3.00 back on your next order.” Boy I miss that one!

Anyway, it looks like currently they have a GOOD SEASONS special where if you buy a 4 or 5 pack you get $1.00 back on your next order. IF you can find a sale on this, at a store that has the Catalinas, and IF you can combine it with a coupon, then that’s potentially a great deal if you like Good Seasons anyway, or if you would like to try it. A lot of people – like my dad – like it as a marinade for chicken. They have some nice other offers as well.

You don’t need to take anything in the store to use those. If you just buy the product in the store, in the time frame of the offer, the Catalina will print. If it is a dollar off amount for your next purchase, I put it in my wallet like cash, because they are good for any item you buy on your next order. These do roll over as well, meaning you can use them to buy the same item again and get another Catalina back. That’s how the yogurt coupon was netting me a lot of free yogurt! I was rolling over Catalinas, using coupons that doubled, and they were on sale.

If you watch Extreme Couponing, a TV show from TLC, you will see these coupon wizards using a lot of Catalinas. That’s one way that they get their balances so very low.

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  1. Thanks for the inside scoop. I had not idea. I like the variety of information you post.

  2. Great link. I didn’t know there were so many online coupons like that!

  3. LOVE the coupon and freebie links! Thank you!