Mountain Dew-Save labels for T-Shirts & Hoodies

2 Liter Mountain Dew Bottle

You can save Mountain Dew labels for free t-shirts or hoodies. One form per item ordered.
My nephew LOVES Mountain Dew. He could drink two 2 liters of it a day if I didn’t keep them hidden.

In removing the labels to save, I’ve found it is best to cut the label about 2 inches to the right of the UPS and start pulling away from it. They put their UPC right by the glue strip. I doubt they will be picky enough for that to matter, but it also keeps the edges neater, so they are easier to fold up and store.

Here’s the form you need: Loot for Labels Form

When I see good PDF forms like this, I always go ahead and save or print them. Sometimes they will take them down before their expiration date. Having a copy stored on your computer or a hardcopy helps ensure you won’t be caught without a bunch of labels, and no form.

Some states do not even have to send labels -Details are on the form.

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