Free Anti-Virus

The last thing most of us need is a computer that won’t do what it is supposed to. It’s annoying even if you ARE a computer professional. It might be even more so, because when you are, and you STILL get one, it hurts your pride something fierce.


Lethodus. Just Because.

There’s several routes to get free anti-virus protection. If you have Comcast, a subscription comes with your broadband. The exact type can vary, but the links below will tell you what’s available to you.

For personal use, check here:
For business users, check here:

There are other options too – if you’ve got an older computer with less memory, you might prefer the free antivirus offered by Microsoft:


If you like McAfee, you can get it this week at Staples free.  Here’s how:

McAfee 3 user is 29.99 the week of June 19,2011.  Go  to the.Staples Promo center and search for McAfee in the top drop down.

You can submit the rebate here:

Rebate amount paid to customer for single or combined rebate offers may not exceed the purchase price of the McAfee product. One rebate per product per household.

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