Some Humana and Obamacare Plans Let You Save Up to 10% On Healthy Foods at Walmart

This is what the great for you logo looks like at Walmart

If you have Humana health insurance, which is quite common if you have Obamacare, you can be saving up to 10% on some grocery costs by using the Humana Vitality Program. You can sign into your Humana account on the web to join.

We joined the program after we signed up for Humana Silver Level under Obamacare. I answered several questions about my health, my activity level, my weight, height, ect., in order to reach the level required to participate in the program. That gave me a 5% savings level. If I go in for an office visit, and do other activities, I could qualify for a 10% level.

Shortly after I joined, I got key-ring fobs in the mail that I use at Walmart when I buy certain healthy foods. The fob is simply scanned along with my groceries, like most store loyalty cards would work.

Later, I got a green Humana Vitality card in the mail. If you get one of these cards, don’t throw it away! It looks like a ‘blank’ insurance card. Upon careful inspection though, the back says it is a Walmart Gift card. They all come pre-loaded with an initial $5, so you can get started saving right away. Then as you buy groceries, and scan your Humana Vitality membership card, the items that you buy that are qualified as ‘Great For You’ will ‘kickback’ your discount to your gift card after about 7-10 days. So far it’s only good at Walmart.

Each family member can participate, so for us, we can get 3 cards, for a total of $15 in gift cards just for joining.

Here’s the list of qualifying products: That’s a PDF you can print out and take with you, if you like.

There’s also a label to look for – it looks like this:
This is what the great for you logo looks like at Walmart

You can see it on the cans and food items themselves, and on shelf tags, like this:

The kickback that you get on your savings can be used for any Walmart merchandise -NOT just groceries. This means that if you are using SNAP, you can actually convert part of your grocery bill to a gift card that can be used for non-food purchases. It’s a reward for buying healthier foods. I notice most of the foods are generics, so they are already fairly low-cost.

There’s also other benefits to the Vitality Program. You can find out more on their website.

Hot In-store Coupon for CVS – $3 off $15


Print a $3 off $15 coupon for CVS. Doesn’t expire until 6-30-2014!

I love shopping at CVS. I buy all kinds of stuff there! I roll over my Extrabucks. I’ve got 10 now, so this will go with that nicely!

Using coupons and rolling over any Extrabucks you earn are great tricks to use when shopping at CVS.

Freebies Round-up & Fun stuff

Chick's Candy Store, Pitt Street, New York by Walter Rosemblum 1938

A 1938 Photo by Walter Rosenblum “Chick’s Candy Store.” It was taken on Pitt St., In NYC, NY.

Free Nivea lotion samples

Recipe! Homemade Taco Seasoning

Nutrish for cats catfood sample

Replens Vaginal Moisturizer Sample

International Coffee- Win a tumbler

Suave Natural Infusions Sample (I like the way this smells – it’s the best Suave yet, in my opinion.)

Free 1 year Martha Stewart Living Magazine Subscription

Free 26 weeks Wall Street Journal (Free coupons on Saturday)

Free 1 year Golf Digest

Various Turkey Hill Coupons - Tea & Ice Cream

Proctor and Gamble Sample Box – sign up for several free samples once per quarter

Free Neti pot

Enter to Win a Diamond Candles $100 Giveway

Free Beginner’s Photoshop Class from Adobe

From HGTV, a new Youtube Channel, Homemade All sorts of misc. content for DYI.

How to be Irresistible (Agent Provocateur) – A Book Review

How to be Irresistible (Agent Provocateur)
the art of seduction
-by Dorcas Pelling

When I first got this book, I took it seriously. I was going to learn the art of seduction.  Maybe, somehow, in my nearly 50 years, I’d missed something vital. Maybe, just maybe, I could find some little bit of whammy to throw at my husband to get him acting all nervous and giddy again.

I started reading the book. My inner dialogue went like this:
“Ok…..ok….hmmmm…..ok….ok…..hmmm…..DO WHAT?….WHAT THE &*#@*!”

From the everyday, oh, ho-hum, to the dangerous advice like ‘Don’t just give him your number – Write your number on your thong and slip it in his pocket.’ (paraphrased)

Only then did I realize that this book is just plain funny . I laughed the rest of the way though it.  Then after I’ve finished it, I reflect- with a bit of insecurity- that maybe the joke is on me – I hope it’s a comedy. Surely it’s a comedy.  Yes, it must be.  I hope.

Well, in any event, my thong wearing days are over. My husband is more likely to respond to tonight’s menu than my phone number, which is also his for many years now. Still, I somehow don’t think writing tonight’s dinner menu on my granny panties will get any sort of reaction that I might find complimentary.

I do think this book might be a wonderful present for someone recently divorced or thrown back into the dating scene that needs a bit of cheering up. It certainly made me smile.

Standard Disclosure: I was given a free electronic copy of this book for purposes of honest review.

3 stars

Summary of Changes to Walgreen’s Coupon Policy

Old Lady Gif
I’m not a huge Walgreen’s shopper anyway, because it’s not that close to my house, but sometimes I do go by there because they do have some good deals occasionally worth driving for.

They’ve recently updated their coupon policy, and not for the best; it is more restrictive now.

Here’s the big changes, but if you want to read the entire policy, it is here:
Walgreen’s Official Coupon Policy

  1. Coupons MUST scan.
    (This change concerns me the most. A lot of times coupons you win or that come in Sunset magazine will not scan because they are rare in the region, and aren’t ever entered into the system.)

  2. No coupons on free items- ONE coupon for BOGOs only – The number of coupons used on the deal CANNOT exceed the ‘buy’ portion of the coupon – if the coupons is B2G1, then you can use 2, if it is B3G1 then you can use 3 coupons total.

  3. NO overage

  4. No free item coupons that have been printed

  5. Total number of coupons cannot exceed total number of items bought – this includes Register Rewards coupons (I buy ‘penny’ candy to get around this, though it is more than a penny these days!

I keep a printed copy of coupon policies with me in my coupon bag.